3Di Colon

3Di Colon is a full-featured virtual colonoscopy clinical application for the viewing, evaluating and analyzing of virtual colonoscopy CT images. The application is an interactive tool to help visualize colon anatomy, find polyps and assess their characteristics and evolution.

3Di Colon, zero footprint viewer, virtual colonoscopy

3Di Colon

3Di Colon is based on automatic colon segmentation in which the software isolates the colon from the CT volume data. This enables assessment and visualization of the entire colonic structure through several different viewpoints. Automatic fly-through along the extracted centerline or any selected path is also available for better visualization.

The application provides multi-planar reformat (MPR) views, as well as virtual endoscopic and volume views to analyze the colonic wall. These multiple views assist the user in finding polyps, plus estimating their characteristics, including shape, position and size.

3Di Colon provides tools for polyp definition. These tools allow the user to perform a quantitative analysis of polyps found during the review of a case, thus helping to determine the severity and stage of the lesions. Hence, they represent a useful source of information for the physician to perform follow-ups of suspicious lesions.

The objective of the application is to provide a complete evaluation of virtual colonoscopy cases with a simplified workflow and minimal user interaction.

3Di Colon Feature Highlights

  • Fast, automated processing tools including:
    • Colon segmentation
    • Bowel cleansing
    • Centerline extraction
  • Virtual fly-through interactive navigation through the colon
  • Manual marking and measurement of polyps
  • Complete interaction between 2D and 3D views
  • Save any view or the entire screen in DICOM, BMP or JPEG format
  • Save a fly-through cine in DICOM, JPEG, AVI or BMP format
  • Report or print generated images