3Di PET/CT Viewer

The 3Di PET/CT Viewer incorporates critical features for reviewing images from PET and CT scanners. With 3Di PET/CT Viewer, users benefit from innovative powerful fusion and visualization technology, as well as from state-of-the-art features no longer reserved for dedicated workstations.3Di PET/CT Viewer

The 3Di PET/CT Viewer contains different viewing sections for the PET and CT MPR images, and for the fused MPR images of each series. It also allows different viewing manipulations, such as variable opacity and independent color maps, measurements including automatic Standard Uptake Values (SUVs) calculation and image filters for each one of these views. A “relate” feature enables a coordinated reference system between the CT and PET series.

3Di PET/CT Viewer Feature Highlights

  • Side-by-side, synchronized review of 2D and multi-planar reformat (MPR) CT and PET images
  • Supports fused and non-fused images from PET and CT scanners
  • Advanced PET-CT fusion with adjustable blending percentage
  • Manual 2D registration between CT and PET images
  • Viewing tools, such as image filters and independent color maps
  • 2D image viewing, image manipulation and measurements
  • SUV measurements, including Max and Average values for a selected ROIs
  • Flexible viewing operations, including window leveling, zoom, pan, rotate and scroll
  • Slab thickness adjustment for PET and CT
  • Save any view or the entire screen in DICOM, BMP or JPEG format
  • Report or print any generated image