3Di Zero-Footprint Viewer

3Di Web Patient Browser

3Di Web Patient Browser is the 3Di platform’s Web-based portal to 3Di Cloud and 3Di PACS. From any Web browser, authorized users can access studies, reports and related clinical data using 3Di Web Patient Browser. With no client software, 3Di Web Portal delivers an intuitive user interface, supporting searching, assigning, printing, importing, exporting and reconciliation of patient studies to authorized users from any browser-based hardware – Windows, Linux, Mac and mobile devices (iPhone and Android).

3Di Web Patient Browser allows anywhere, anytime access to patient and image data along with advanced clinical applications. An intuitive and sophisticated filtering and search engine allows users to find and view patient imaging data using any available details, including part of the patient’s name, study date range, modality, etc. Once located, an imaging study can be reviewed using an in-browser 2D/3D advanced viewer, which includes 2D, cine, interactive volume rendering, slab, MIP and multiplaner reformat (MPR) displays.

3Di Web Portal Feature Highlights

  • Retrieves medical data from 3Di server (3Di PACS, 3Di Cloud) via the Web with no software download or installation
  • Zero-installation, Web-based (AJAX) worklist management
  • Authorized users at any location can view the same data and studies
  • Advanced filter definition and filter management
  • Studies/results management, including deletion, lock/unlock and status management
  • Automatic studies cache (on query/selection/always)
  • Ability to create and email a viewing link URL with a preset expiration time
  • Email notification on high-priority studies
  • Download/upload original DICOM images from the client
  • Can be easily integrated into any organization’s portal or RIS/EMR
  • Studies can be printed or burned to CD
  • Ability to attach any document to a study
  • Study import tool
  • Configurable color coding  for study status and study priority
  • Multi-lingual support

Zero Footprint

3Di Zero-Footprint Viewer

3Di Web Viewer is a zero-footprint Web-based client which provides advanced 2D/3D medical image viewing using any Web browser. It is ideal for anywhere, anytime reviewing and reporting of medical images by referring physicians and other clinicians. Without the need for any additional software, 3Di Web Viewer runs on Internet-connected laptops, tablets and smartphones (iPhone and Android). Support for touch screen gestures such as zoom and rotate makes mobile image analysis easy and powerful.

3Di Web Viewer provides a wide range of image viewing and manipulation options, including:

  • Secure data and image sharing over the cloud via the creation of unique URLs with expiration times
  • Standard image manipulation tools (stack scroll, zoom, pan, rotate, window level)
  • Layout/matrix definition, measurements and annotation tools
  • Multiplanar reconstruction (MPR) with slab capability volume rendering (VR) and maximum intensity projection (MIP) viewing
  • One-click MPR/VR image orientation change with slab capability
  • Dynamic control of image JPEG compression, including support for lossless compression
  • Support for predefined window coordinates
  • Relative points update dynamically in all cross-sections views
  • Ability to dynamically change slab thickness
  • Save any view to the local machine in JPEG format
  • Play control for cine-loop view, automatic scrolling, magnifying glass and true zoom
  • Supports color palates for PET/SPECT