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Keystone offers medical data backup and storage to ensure that your data is protected. By using the Keystone state-of-the-art back up system, you can ensure that your patient information is always recoverable and kept safe.

Information is continually backed up to our servers in Nebraska. Our offsite servers are protected, always safeguarding your information. If your servers ever fail or are destroyed we can send you your information on an external hard drive within one day’s time. At Keystone, we always work to keep your information protected and keep your facility running.

Keystone provides full data backup daily as part of our medical data solutions. Once your initial data backup is completed, only the changed files are backed up to ensure that information is accessible the next day. Some medical facilities work with large databases, and back these up to tape locally. Often this process takes so long, that it cannot be completed nightly, and must wait until the weekend. If you are working with large files, Keystone’s backup system will update only the portions that have been changed, ensuring your backups are completed on schedule.

Medical Data Services

Backing up your data is key to ensuring that your information is always accessible and never lost. Keeping that medical data secure is just as important. Keystone will secure your data so that your facility has peace of mind in knowing that your valuable practice and patient data is protected at the highest level possible. Keystone uses only encrypted transmission protocols to transfer your information to our servers. Once the data is on our servers, only authorized personnel from your staff are able to access it.

Hypothetical Image Storage Environment

Health care professionals and executives in the medical imaging space are all too familiar with the issues surrounding this type of storage environment:

  • Vendor Provided Archive Solutions are Expensive and Proprietary
  • Vendor Provided Storage/Archive Solutions can Lead to “Vendor Lock In” on the Modality and PACS
  • Third Party SAN and NAS Based Solutions are Expensive to Implement, and Even More Expensive to Operate and Maintain
  • Longevity is Always a Concern for Disk and MO, or Tape, Based Archive Solutions
  • Data Migrations are Inevitable as Storage Operating Systems, Management Software Versions, and Hardware Reach “End of Life”
  • Data Migrations are Costly (Potentially Millions of Dollars), Time Consuming, Resource Intensive, and Risky (Data Loss is Common)
  • Storage Implementation, Administration and Operations Costs are Difficult to Predict
  • Annual Total Costs of Ownership for Archive Storage are typically 5-6 Times the Capital Acquisition Costs
  • Fluctuating TCOs and Unpredictable Storage Costs Make Business Planning Difficult for Medical Professionals
  • Disaster Recovery is Often Not Feasible Due to Prohibitive Costs of Implementation and Management
  • On, and on and on…

The unfortunate fact is that many small and medium sized organizations cannot afford to build and maintain these traditional types of image storage and archive environments.

The financial and human resources involved in implementing and maintaining these complex storage and archive infrastructures are frankly challenging to even the largest hospital systems.

Medical imaging professionals are looking for ways to leverage technology for their OWN benefit, NOT for the financial benefit of hardware and software vendors and equipment manufacturers.

Well look no further…



Keystone Archival Services

So What’s Missing?

  • Onerous Capital Acquisition, Implementation and Administrative Costs
  • Expensive Replicated Disaster Recovery Infrastructure
  • Unpredictable TCO and Capital Costs
  • Risky Data Migrations
  • Vendor Lock In
  • Confusing, Fluctuating Storage Costs

So What Are the Benefits?

  • Vendor Neutral Archive
  • Long Term Data Preservation
  • Fixed Storage/Archive Costs
  • Compliant Storage
  • No Data Migrations or Technology Obsolescence
  • Significantly Reduced Administration, Maintenance and Operations Costs
  • Simplified Storage Budget and Financial Planning
  • Disaster Protection and Recovery

See if our products and services can help you leverage technology for YOUR benefit…