Keystone Cloud Services

Secure Cloud Storage

Keystone Medical Technologies excels in the web space of medical image transmission and storage. For over a decade, our strategic partner, Binovia, designed and implemented custom solutions for our customers.  Now we provide a universal solution so flexible, it will fit any facility or work environment.

Cloud Storage

 Secure Image Transmission

With Keystone’s Universal Archive and Web viewer, you have images at your fingertips when and where you need them. Powered by Shina Systems 3Di viewer, Keystone can provide full diagnostic images to your home or office workstation, wherever that may be.  We start by constructing a VPN with the healthcare facility, to obtain the images in a HIPAA compliant secure manner.  Once the images are at our data facility, they are immediately available for download and viewing by simply using Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer.  For non-diagnostic reference, our system has a zero footprint web viewer compatible with Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome on Mac or Linux based PCs and Handheld devices.