Corridor4DM* is a state-of-the-art nuclear cardiac quantification and review software

TomTec’s Image-Com© platform is a multi-modality solution that integrates Corridor4DM for Nuclear Cardiology workflows. The addition of 4DM enables the quantification and review of cardiac SPECT imaging studies alongside other cardiac imaging modalities. User can also review images within 4DM while using the same, familiar Image-Com reporting interface to optimize workflow.

4DM’s foundation of clinically validated algorithms were developed at the University of Michigan. As a comprehensive solution for physicians and technologists, its integrated workflow includes quality assurance measures; intelligent workflows for greater efficiency; the quantification of myocardial perfusion and blood pool studies; and multiple review screen. All of these features are available in a single, configurable application.


Clinical Use
•Interpret myocardial perfusion and function in a single, comprehensive environment
•Identify motion, artifacts, or other volumetric variances which may impact quantification results
•Compare studies to a similar patient population with a low likelihood of cardiac disease
•Review a variety of diagnostic images, including:
– 2D multi-slice images and polar maps
– 3D representations of the LV
– four-dimensional (4D) displays of beating SA and 3D cines for gated datasets
Major Benefits
•User-Centered – configure screens and workflows, or create custom screens

•Technologically Advances
•Support and Training Provided
•Transitioning Tools Available
•Cost Effective
•Floating License Configurations
•Highly Configurable
INVIA’s partnership with TomTec provides a comprehensive Nuclear Cardiology PACS solution, mitigating the need for multiple applications. Image-Com is the multi-modality platform for Image-Analysis, Review and Data Management. Enhance the capability of your PACS with 4DM’s Nuclear Cardiology quantification and review for SPECT imaging studies