MedicsRIS™ and MedicsDocAssistant EHR for Radiology

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ris-pic4When it comes to automating Radiology and Imaging centers, Advanced Data Systems (ADS) is truly an industry leader. Over the years, thousands of Radiologists in Radiology and Imaging practices of every scope have come to rely on cutting-edge Radiology and RIS automation solutions from ADS, as have numerous Radiology revenue cycle management companies. ADS has been automating medical practices under the same company name since 1977 which is a remarkable industry achievement. Over 30,000 providers in every practice size and specialty rely on systems from ADS.


The MedicsRIS and MedicsDocAssistant™ EHR for Radiology provide for a myriad of capabilities covering the business, financial, and today, the clinical sides of any Radiology practice.


These capabilities include:

• Intricate Radiology Billing and EDI requirements
– 5010 Compliant Radiology Electronic Claims and Billing
– Insurance Verification and Eligibility
– Accounts Receivable and Radiology Collections Management
– Radiology Claim Tracking

ris-pic3• Advanced Scheduler
– Multi-modality scheduling, insurance eligibility verification, pre-certification lists

• Customized Work Flow
– Complete control and oversight of the flow of patients and information through the facility, fully customizable

• Digital Transcription
– Recording for manual transcription and voice recognition transcription systems • Mammography Tracking
– Record and track BIRADS findings and biopsy results, and produce ACR statistical reports

• Management Reporting
– Revenue, referral and productivity reports

• Scanning
– Integrated document and image scanning

• HL7 Compliance
– Integrates with all industry-standard external records systems

• DICOM Work Lists
– Provides study and demographic information to the modalities

• Referring Physician Web Portal
– Request appointments, view appointment lists, view images via PACS, view medical reports

• Patient Web Portal:
– Patients can fill out forms, make payments and request appointments – all online

ris-pic2• PACS Integration
– MedicsRIS integrates with numerous PACS including Agfa, Centricity, DR, Dynamic Imaging, ERAD, Fuji, Intellirad, Merge, Phillips and many more. ADS Programmers have performed hundreds of data conversions from existing systems, and have interfaced MedicsRIS with numerous PACS.
ADS Radiology Client profiles and a short automated MedicsRIS system overview can be seen on our website as well.


While many other EHR vendors are “committed” to having their Radiology clients obtain Stimulus Act incentives for EHR use, ADS Radiology clients have already gotten their incentives!

The MedicsDocAssistant EHR for Radiology is 2011 /2012 ONC-ATCB Certified as a complete EHR for Stage 1 Meaningful Use (MU).

The system will not only help manage your patients’ clinical data as it applies to Radiology, but in tandem with MedicsRIS, it will help Radiologists obtain their Stimulus Act incentives.

The system’s MU Dashboard helps keep Radiologists on track for attaining MU as it applies to Radiology and the ADS MU team works closely with clients, helping to guide them toward MU.

The MedicsDocAssistant EHR for Radiology and MedicsRIS operate as a single, unified solution covering the business and clinical needs of the Radiology practice.

MedicsRIS is also available separately for Radiology practices that want to add MedicsDocAssistant EHR for Radiology at any future time.

“We are absolutely thrilled in being able to take full advantage of the Stimulus Act’s Stage 1 incentives, especially being a radiology practice. 14 of our radiologists each obtained their maximum Stage 1 incentives using the dynamic Medics Suite for Radiology.” – Susan Cataro, Systems Administrator, Medical Arts Radiology, Huntington NY


The ADS Medics Suite for Radiology – MedicsRIS and MedicsDocAssistant EHR for Radiology – is unusually versatile, both functionally and operationally.

Functionally, the systems are very easy to learn and use. They are highly operator friendly, giving users the ability to utilize the systems in ways best suited toward them.

Operationally, MedicsDocAssistant EHR for Radiology and MedicsRIS are available in Customer Hosted or in ASP / Cloud format. The format is selected based solely on the practice preference.

Customer Hosted: The ADS Medics software is installed on a server located at the practice. The practice performs its own backups, server maintenance, and server replacement when that becomes necessary.

Customer Hosted users need not be in the office to access the software…they can be remote and still have access to the system.

As an IBM™ / Lenovo™ Business Partner, ADS is able to provide a full range of hardware, including servers, workstations, printers, monitors, etc. and related Support and Maintenance on all ADS-supplied hardware. Clients may also opt to obtain their own hardware. Those clients generally have their own IT resource or in-house IT manager.

ASP / Cloud: The ADS Medics software resides on an ADS remote server with users accessing the system via the internet. Since there is no server at the practice (as there is in the Customer Hosted format) clients do not need server maintenance or replacement. They also do not need to perform their own backups.

Advanced Data Systems Corporation (ADS) is a leading provider of interoperable, integrated automation solutions to medical practices, radiology and imaging centers, and revenue cycle management companies.

In addition to our MedicsRIS and MedicsDocAssistant EHR for Radiology, our other solutions include:

• MedicsPremier for wide-ranging practice management capabilities including EDI, Claims and Billing for all specialties including Anesthesia, and Behavioral Health, Reports, Scheduling, Collections, and more.

• MedicsDocAssistant EHR for a wide range of non-Radiology specialties"

ADS represents a remarkably superior combination of vendor stability and top-shelf healthcare automation solutions. The Company was founded in 1977 as “Advanced Data Systems” and it continues to operate under that same company name and ownership. ADS’ history of consistency and reliability is considerable, especially in an industry too often known for exactly the opposite.

ADS has always been extraordinarily dedicated to its clients. A prime example of this dedication is how ADS has never “sunsetted” or discontinued or any of its software solutions. In fact, hundreds of ADS clients still use their original ADS Medics II practice management systems which ADS continues to support and update.

The ADS Mission Statement sums up the Company’s approach and recipe for success:

Our Mission since 1977 has been to provide leading state-of-the-art automation solutions to medical practices and revenue cycle management companies with systems noted for their vastly superior efficiencies, resulting in optimum productivity. Complementing our software solutions is our ongoing goal of providing our clients with the finest in Implementation services, Training, Programming, and superior Customer Support.

Each component of the Medics Solutions Suite is available individually as needed by the client, or as a fully integrated, unified system. They are also available in Customer Hosted or ASP / Cloud format, depending purely on what works best for the client.

With its unparalleled history of dependability, and its robust time-tested Medics solutions, it is not surprising that over 30,000 providers rely on system from ADS every day.