3Di Cardiac

screen-coronaries-inline3Di Cardiac is an advanced, full-featured cardiac CT imaging and analysis tool, enabling more accurate and more rapid assessment of the heart’s coronaries and functions than any other solution on the market.

3Di Cardiac automatically provides access to in-depth diagnostic information on the heart and coronary arteries through a seamless knowledge-based, model-based segmentation tool, all with minimal user interaction.

The 3Di Cardiac module is based on total heart segmentation, where the heart is automatically isolated from the CT volume data and separated into its discrete anatomical structures based on an algorithm which uses an anatomical model of the heart. This enables assessment and visualization of the entire coronary artery tree, as well as ventricular and myocardial function analysis.

The coronary analysis provides a number of multi-planar reformat (MPR) views, including orthogonal, oblique, curved and straight as well as cross-sectional views of arteries, allowing observation of free lumen diameters and areas. These assist the user to estimate dimensions and severity of stenosis and plaque. The stenosis and plaque tools enable the user to perform a quantitative stenosis and plaque analysis. A rich set of visualization tools is provided for coronary vessels.

Additionally, ventricular and myocardial function analyses are provided. Given more than one phase, 3Di Cardiac can perform calculations of functional parameters such as ejection fraction, cardiac output and wall motion.

The objective of the application is to provide a comprehensive cardiac evaluation solution with a simplified workflow and minimal user effort.

3Di Cardiac Feature Highlights

  • Supports single and multiphase CTA data
  • Fully-automated segmentation of cardiac anatomy structures and vessel tracing
  • Intuitive 3D coronary artery presentation
  • Display volume rendering and curved planar reformats of cardiac CT studies
  • Complete coronary assessment
  • Auto-labeling of the five primary vessels
  • One-click vessel tracing plus manual vessel definition
  • Easy editing of vessel centerlines
  • Advanced QCA and plaque assessment tools
  • Automatic processes for detecting candidate plaque sites
  • Unique virtual IVUS view of coronary vessels
  • LV/RV ventricular function and myocardial dynamics
  • Bull’s-eye maps
  • Creation and saving of 2D cine, 3D rotational cine and 4D cine files
  • Saving, printing and reporting of images, tables, graphs and results