3Di Ca+ Score

3Di CScore3Di CScore is a highly-automated calcium scoring application. The software automatically calculates the calcium score segmentation and enables the user to see, modify and approve the calcium detected.

3Di CScore is an interactive tool for viewing calcium score and low dose studies and calculating the calcium score. Calcium score quantification of calcified coronary vessels lesions is performed using a number of universally accepted methods, including Agatston and equivalent mass scoring. This is accomplished by segmenting the calcified sites, identifying the coronary arteries and calculating the calcium scoring.

3Di CScore Feature Highlights

  • Agaston and mass scoring
  • Performs automatic Calcium Score segmentation, including automatic vessels identification
  • 2D view of the relevant CT slice with an indication of the calcium deposit on it
  • Calcium Score results table:
    • Overall calcium deposits/score
    • Individual coronary artery score
  • Calcium Score site table showing the selected coronary and its approved and non-approved calcium deposits
  • Manual approval and classification process for calcium deposits automatically found in each coronary
  • One-click ROI selection for manual site attribute and classification
  • Cine creation and saving
  • Save any view or the entire screen in DICOM, BMP or JPEG format
  • Report or print generated images, tables and findings