Lexmark VNA

Lexmark LogoTake control of your clinical content with the world’s market-leading independent VNA

Most healthcare IT systems are not built to support the management and sharing of unstructured content such as clinical images, video, scanned documents and photos. Accessing and managing all the unstructured information needed to deliver a complete patient record has become a challenging and expensive effort for healthcare organizations.

The Lexmark Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA), the world’s market-leading independent VNA1, helps you take control of your clinical content accelerating patient information to the point of need while reducing IT costs and inefficiencies. The Perceptive Acuo VNA, built on a truly neutral foundation, drives better care delivery through a patient-centric approach to image workflow, long-term image management and data continuity.

Value of true independence

As a truly vendor independent VNA, the Lexmark VNA can ingest any content, DICOM and non-DICOM, from any originating system including PACS, RIS and enterprise content management (ECM). This vendor independence is at the heart of our Lexmark VNA, which provides organizations the freedom to choose application and storage platforms without being held to proprietary formats and systems. That includes integration with any ECM software provider, including the Lexmark Content suite.

Vendor Neutral Archive:  A technical perspective

Lexmark VNA is a multi-faceted solution for capturing and controlling all clinical content. The Lexmark VNA supports better medical collaboration and decision-making, providing the foundational data infrastructure for:

  • Clinical abstraction including ability to virtualize clinical applications via a service-oriented approach that enables standards-based information exchange
  • Intelligence engine providing a technology layer that enables clinical workflows to drive content to the point of need
  • Lifecycle management including the ability to abstract and virtualize the storage of physical assets and manage content within a patient context

Streamlined access to clinical data using our VNA benefits patients, resulting in faster, more accurate care at a lower cost to the healthcare organization. The virtualization of storage, network and application resources combined with a service-oriented delivery model allows providers to sync their medical imaging practice with modern IT strategies adopted in the enterprise, including cloud computing.