Radiation Dose Tracking

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Hospital radiation safety has become increasingly important due to the steady increase of medical  radiation overexposure throughout the recent years.  With radiation  overexposure levels on the rise, it is now more important than ever to  heighten hospital radiation safety measures and RadTrac is proud to offer its services in radiation Tracting.

RadTrac’s Radiation Dose Tracking System (RTDS) is a healthcare radiation monitoring system that supports this movement towards researching and controlling a  patient’s exposure to radiation treatments.  Now is the time to begin  enhancing hospital radiation safety, and every journey begins with the first step.

Medical Radiation Monitoring

Medical radiation monitoring helps to prevent patient radiation overexposure within the medical field.  The main concern at any healthcare or medical facility  is patient care.  While that may be the case, sometimes  misidentification, human error or other situations can dramatically  affect patient care and leave your facility open to liability.

For  this reason, many facilities have put programs, processes and system in  place to ensure that patients are correctly identified and treated.   RadTrac’s medical radiation monitoring sytem brings those same safeguards to the radiology department, limiting radiation overexposure and protecting your patients and your facility.  Our medical radiation monitoring system helps to be proactive in limiting patient radiation and ensures medical radiation safety.

RadTrac Helps Patients Avoid Medical Radiation Overdose with Radiation Dose Tracking

RadTrac uses a system that allows for mining of previous patient radiation exposure through patient records as well as a radiation dose tracking system that follows a patient through their time at a health care facility, building a database of radiation exposure to a particular patient.

Excess Medical Radiation – Radiation Exposure Limits

Through our radiation tracking system, we can prevent medical radiation overexposure by notifying a patient’s physician and the facility when levels become close to Radiation Exposure Limits.

Radiation Tracking & Flagging

Radiation tracking is an essential part in patient safety.  RadTrac’s Radiation Dose Tracking System (RDTS) not only tracks a patient’s exposure to radiation, it also has a flagging system that is set to follow Radiation Exposure Limits. Once a patient becomes close to a radiation exposure level that is dangerous, that patient is flagged in the system. The flag must be reviewed by the facility or physician before a patient can be treated.  Radtrac proud to help secure patient safety through this radiation tracking and flagging system.